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  • Academic Committee

      In order to improve the quality and business level of all the online psychological counselors and strengthen the academic exchanges and cooperation with the domestic psychological circles, March 2008 Bamaol headquarters set up the Bamaol Academic committee.The Academic Committee is an academic group composed of psychological experts and psychologists in the national famous psychological field, and is Bamaol's academic review and audit institutions.Its basic responsibilities include: review of the future planning and planning of the psychology research of Bamaol, to make suggestions on the larger psychological academic activities and promote the promotion and cooperation of the units of Bamaol, to consider the issue report of major psychological research, to evaluate the important psychological works of Bamaol and the results of psychological research, to comment on the academic level and achievement of the psychological counselor of Bamaol.

  • Happiness Project propaganda Supervision Group

      The Happiness Project propaganda Supervision Group is under the direct jurisdiction of Bamaol headquarters. Adhering to the purpose the "care of life, harmonious life, happy life, return to nature", there are gathered many well-known Bamaol instructors and experts who are influential at home and abroad , with many years of profound medical, psychological and other disciplines. All the instructors and experts have undergone a rigorous assessment and actual combat evaluation, with a noble character, professional quality and teaching experience of international first-line instructors, and have Bamaol members' common love.

  • Psychological Vocational Training Team

      Bamaol psychological vocational training team which under the Bamaol headquarters is made up of the head, secretary, deputy head, training instructors. Bamaol psychological vocational training team brought together a group of psychological experts and lecturers who are virtuous and have teaching experienced. It is a think-tank of the Bamaol and even the entire psychological industry, shouldering the Bamaol and the whole psychological career development and growth of the responsibility.

  • Art Center

      In order to enrich Bamaol psychological counseling's cultural life, show their art style and improve their the creative enthusiasm, november 2009 Bamaol set up Bamaol Art Troupe. Bamaol Art troupe is an arts service platform that is dedicated to Bamaol music lovers tower set up music theory lectures, teaching and training, performance exchange as one of high-quality, high-level, high starting point. It is to carry forward the advanced culture for the purpose, to flourish Bamaol culture as the fundamental.

  • Consultative Committee

      Bamaol consultative committee is the assistant decision-making system in the psychology of professional technology, business management and economic and social areas. It is also an important link to contact the vast number of experts and scholars. Bamaol consultative committee is composed of experts and scholars from all walks of life in the world, who are willing to contribute to the construction of the spiritual harmony, and to provide consulting services for the macro decision-making to Bamaol.

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