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  Bamaol disaster psychological assistance volunteer group in the disaster area was formed on November 12, 2008. Since then, bamaol psychological assistance services gradually stepped into the regularization, organization, standardized track.

  "Care for life, selfless dedication, cooperation and responsibility" is the service tenet of psychological assistance action. its purpose is to promote people in disaster areas to pursue progress and perfection in an optimistic attitude. Fundamentally promote the progress, development and harmony of the whole society.

  Join bamaol disaster psychological assistance volunteer group, "voluntary" is the most important. The connotation of voluntary service of psychological assistance volunteers is to use their own time, their own skills, their own resources, their own love to provide non-profit, free psychological services for the disaster areas and society. For psychological aid volunteers, volunteering is a voluntary act, volunteering to help others in their own passion and love, rather than fulfilling executive orders or organizing tasks. In volunteer service activities, the volunteers should be a positive, optimistic attitude to the dedication of their own love, so that people in the psychological assistance can set up a positive attitude to the value of life, society and human beings. So that people can get a good life and full of hope for life.

  Volunteering to participate in psychological assistance is a charitable and dedicated of their own. When helping and improving others, the psychological assistance volunteers also improve themselves. It is a process that to improve their own quality, and then serve the society. Therefore, participation in the voluntary service of psychological assistance is a "helping person", also is "self-help", both "happy others", but also "happy yourself", participate in psychological assistance Volunteer service, both in helping others, serving the community, but also in the transmission of love and dissemination of civilization. In order to send roses to others at the same time they also harvested the fragrance.

  Volunteers to provide psychological assistance volunteer service, you must first understand the characteristics and needs of the service object, and then on this basis, by contrast, to review yourself, timely supplement their own knowledge, actively preparing for psychological assistance.

  Psychological Assistance Voluntary service is a promising, lofty cause, but also a long-term need to adhere to the cause, we need to pay a huge enthusiasm, unlimited love, positive action, always adhere to. I believe that under the guidance of the volunteer spirit of "devotion, fraternity, mutual help and progress", under the efforts of all psychological assistance volunteers and caring people, the rose fragrance of psychological assistance voluntary service will be able to drift to the motherland and all over the world, so as to make the society more harmonious and more beautiful.

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