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  • Hu Yu
    Hu YuChairman of the board, President, Strategy committee director

    Hu Yu: male, founder of Bamaol, Chairman of The board, founder of nonaction counseling and psychotherapy, Spiritual mentor, well-known psychological counseling and therapist, marriage and family counseling expert, youth problem counseling expert, entrepreneur physical and psychological health consultant, business administration, resources integrated and industrial finance strategy expert. He was born in Maoming Guangdong, grown up in army family courtyard in Shaoyang Hunan with military qualities. He was successively engaged in medical field, politics and business domain respectively for several years.

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin Non-executive director

    Andrew Martin is a senior corporate consultant, with rich experience particularly in the private enterprise and high net worth individuals.At the same time, He has years of experience in accounting and finance, and have worked for more than 10 years in several large and well-known level four and secondary accounting firms. He Worked as chief executive prominent investor in many famous company. He has unique view and certain achievement toward common business problems that business owners are faced with.

  • Lv Qun
    Lv QunVice chairman of the board, vice President, and director of the board of auditors

    Lv Qun: female, born in 1958, the visiting scholar of psychology, the applied psychology graduate student of the Fourth Military Medical University , national senior mental coach, national secondary psychological consultant, member of Chinese psychological association, vice President of shenzhen psychological counseling industry association, vice President of Bamaol headquarters executive; vice chairman of

  • Yangping
    YangpingVice chairman of the board, vice President,and director of nominating committee

    Yang ping: female, born in 1963, the deputy secretary of Bamaol party committee, vice Chairman of the board, vice President of Bamaol, dean of the school of mentoring, spiritual mentor, adolescent growth instructor, deputy secretary of Bamaol party committee, vice President of the board of directors, vice President, deputy director of Bamaol happiness project, the head of Bamaol health lecturer group , youth business school dean, director of youth growth coach training center, Member of China mental health association, member of Shenzhen social worker association, psychological expert of psychological doctor magazine, deputy director of the textbook committee of the ministry of human resources and social security, the editor of the teaching materials committee, the executive editor of the teaching materials committee, honored as a national outstanding psychological worker, top ten caring person and most beautiful psychological consultant, honored and awarded the certificate of honor in the great hall of the people in Beijing.

  • Hu Yulan
    Hu Yulansupervisory board chairman

    Hu yulan: female, born in 1968, graduated from Hunan medical college, national secondary psychological consultant. She has been engaged in psychological consultation and treatment in large enterprises, colleges and universities, psychological research institutions, drug addicts, and hospital psychology departments Since 1997. She also has rich experience in solving the problem of network dependence, emotion and marriage crisis.

  • Guijie
    GuijieDirector of the board, vice President, stock selection committee chairman

    Guijie: male, born in 1971, the han nationality, master of business administration.Worked in Shenzhen Oriental pearl (group) co., LTD in 1993-2000 as clerk, finance and general manager secretary.From 2001 to 2002, he was executive director of Shenzhen Shengda communication equipment co., LTD. Engaged in investement securities 2002-2010. Worked as manager of securities department, director of securities center, assistant general manager and deputy general manager of the securities departmentin Shenzhen Oufeiguang science and technology co.,LTD 2010-2016 in charge of securities, business and intellectual property affairs. In 2017, he took office as a vice President of Bamaol psychological and physical health consulting co., LTD.

  • Zhao Xiaolei
    Zhao XiaoleiDirector of the board, director of remuneration and assessment committee

    Zhao xiaolei: male, born in 1966, associate professor, senior psychology coach, primary and secondary student psychological counseling expert, graduated from Changsha university of science and technology, mathematics education major. After graduation, he taught at city level key middle school, shenzhen taoyuan middle school for 15 years, worked as the head teacher for many years, and was also named as the party secretary of the municipal excellent youth league committee. Member of China mental health association, member of the professional committee of psychological crisis intervention, senior lecturer. He participated in 1 national subject, 1 province departmental level topic, compiled 7 kinds of teaching material,and published 11 papers at all levels of academic journals, including 4 double-effect core journals and 5 core journals. He won the Excellent Paper Award several times.

  • Niu Xueyan
    Niu XueyanSupervisor and vice President of Bamaol

    Niu Xueyan: female, born in 1972, master of applied psychology in Peking University, national registered secondary psychological consultant, training lecturer of national OEP instructor, lecturer of training for influential lecturer.

  • Chen Jingying
    Chen JingyingVice president of Bamaol

    Female, born in 1970, Han nationality, Bachelor's degree,1994 - 2010, president of yuxin school of double ducks hill city, double ducks hill city, Heilongjiang province; 2010 - 2012, general manager of Harbin intelligence double education consulting co., ltd, Heilongjiang province; 2012 - 2017, general manager of Harbin Bamaol psychosomatic Health Consulting Co., Ltd;2017 to date,Vice president of Shenzhen Bamaol psychosomatic health consulting co., ltd Chief lecturer of Bamaol lecturer group ;National secondary psychological consultant;Spiritual mentor;Senior lecturer of China happiness project of caring for the next generation;Senior family education consultant, coach, trainer;Founder of good child “N+1” plan ;Founder of five steps of efficient learning;Expert on the discipline of primary and middle school students;designers and trainers of primary and middle school students’ habit forming . Chen Jingying, since 1998, has been engaged in student psychological counselling, family education guidance and student subject adjustment. With 18 years of experience in physics and chemistry, entrance examination for secondary school or college has been praised as a

  • Li Anping
    Li AnpingVice President

    Li Anping: male, literary name beings healer, vice President of the board of Bamaol, applied psychology PhD at Peking University, the interviewee of CCTV glory road Programma, visiting professor of Peking University moral lecture, he is the copyright owner of psychological measurement and evaluation system, he ownd the intellectual property rights of Zhouyi sixty-four hexagrams brand and patent products, Chairman of Bamaol psychological assessment information technology consulting company.

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