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  “Bamaol Happiness Project” launched by bamaol is social participation activity of spiritual civilization construction, and is a systematic project that integrates publicity, construction and service, for the whole human soul harmony services systems project. "Bamaol Happiness Project" was officially launched on August 13, 2011 at the opening ceremony of the first "harmony China applied psychology expo and bamaol happiness project" held in xi 'an.

  "Bamaol Happiness Project" aims to use positive thinking to guide the people to take the road of happiness, let the soul harmony. To do a good job of the lubricant between the government and the masses, implement the policies of the party and the state, meet the people's growing spiritual and cultural needs, disseminate the spiritual culture and the concept of happiness and health, and guide the people to realize the happiness and pride from the national development and construction. Parents happiness will make family harmony, and the family harmony will make society harmony, so that we can realize to serve the whole human mind harmonious.

  "Bamaol Happiness Project" has got the response of thousands of mental workers, loving people and loving enterprises who are from the 34 provincial district of China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). And the Happy Engineering Charitable Foundation Preparatory Committee was established.

  Since the inception of "Bamaol Happiness Project" , we have carried out the well-being of the public welfare activities in the country many times, into the institutions, schools, hospitals, enterprises and institutions and the vast number of residents among the community, as well as prisons, cancer patients, left-behind children, widowed and other special groups. In particular, December 5, 2011 International Volunteers Day and March 5, 2012 China Youth Volunteer Service Day, We synchronize "Happy Lecture" public welfare activities activities throughout the country, total 800 more times, received good social benefits.

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