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  • Purpose - Caring for Life Harmonious life Happy life Return to nature

      These 16 words illustrate the whole meaning of Bamaol service for human mind harmony, and it is also a reflection of mental health workers' calm mind. Bamaol not only to serve the human mind harmonious, more to protect the earth to the survival of human beings, all of us to become the angel of environmental protection, contribute to protect the nature.

  • Mission - Strive for the harmony of all mankind!
  • Vision - Use our love to create a harmonious world.
  • Core Values - Freedom Fairness Dedicated Integrity Altruism

      Bamaol core values is the pioneer of bamaol goal, is the basis of bamaol fighting for the goal, is the essence of bamaol people in the informant and eternal principles, is identification of bamaol people's career and target. It is formed by a common boundary.

  • Positioning - Positioning

      Enterprise Name: Bamaol international psychosomatic health Industry Service Group (Shenzhen bamaol psychosomatic Health Consulting Co., Ltd.)

      National positioning: To improve the life quality of the whole Chinese nation, and serve the psychosomatic health of the masses.

      World positioning: To serve the psychosomatic health of all mankind, and create a harmonious world.

      Industry positioning: To assume the responsibility of the industry and become the leading enterprise of psychosomatic health industry.

      Social positioning: Taking social responsibility and being a lifelong social enterprise.

      Product positioning: International psychosomatic health Industry service platform. In the world to form a personalized join organization chain.

      Product function: Through the world chain to join bamaol, to promote china and the world development of psychosomatic health services industry, so that more people can enjoy high-quality psychosomatic health services, to promote the physical and mental health of all mankind, to enjoy a happy life.

      Customer Positioning: We serve the franchisees of bamaol and the members of bamaol all over the world.

      For the franchisee to provide services: brand, system, development platform, corporate culture, business model, business processes, technical support, network resources, central website.

      Cultural Positioning: great love, dedication, value, focus, service.

  • Declaration - Declaration

      I'm a bamaol.

      Our purpose is: Caring for Life Harmonious life Happy life Return to nature

      Our mission is: Strive for the harmony of all mankind.

      Our vision is: Use our love to create a harmonious world.

      Our implementation philosophy is: Do it now, no reason, no impossible.

      Our slogan is: Spreading great love, realizing value, ethics in business, honesty win, no reasons, great cause.

      I will be loyal to bamaol. Use my conscience and dignity to fulfill my duties.I will do my best to keep bamaol's reputation and valuable quality. Dedication, unity and cooperation, pragmatic innovation, and make every effort to the lofty cause of the harmony of all mankind and dedicated my life.

  • Service Concept - Noble character Familiar with business Speak softly

      Constantly improve our life quality and professionalism, with open-minded personality cultivation and comity of open-minded feelings.

      Be sensitive to the psychosomatic health needs of the general public. Pay attention to the consumption experience of the masses after the psychosomatic health service. The level of psychosomatic health service should meet the expectations of the general public. Pay attention to the satisfaction of psychosomatic health service to the general public. Continuously improve psychosomatic health services communicated with the general public. Maximizing the value of the masses is the maximization of the value of bamaol.

  • Target - Target

      From 2016, we will set up bamaol psychosomatic health service centers in 85% china's provincial, municipal and county level within 5 years. In 100% of countries around the world, set up bamaol psychosomatic health services website in their own language, and establish the Psychosomatic Health Service center in 81% of the country.

      Spiritual State University will train 50,000 psychosomatic health workers and spiritual instructors. 39 allied college vocational will train 100,000 psychosomatic health workers.

  • Strategy - Strategy

      Bamaol is shouldering the great mission of serving the human body and mind harmoniously. In all bamaol people actively dedication and hard work, fully integrated headquarters and all levels of psychological counseling centers, colleges, research institutes and other branches of resources, we are emerging from a new path of differentiation, scale and diversity in the psychosomatic health industry. The leap-forward development is achieved through high efficiency and rapid reaction.

  • Business Philosophy - Be mercy, be thrifty, and don't be the first.
  • Development Concept - Take the benefit of bamaol as the guiding principle, take the global interest as the core thought.

      Every employee of bamaol should treat bamaol's interests as its best interests, and contribute your own strength to bamaol's survival and development. Take pride in the development and growth of bamaol, and connect your fate to bamaol. Put your own interests into the struggle for bamaol's development. With the will and confidence of self-reliance, we win the take-off of bamaol. Only in this way, we can personally gain greater benefits, realize our own value, and achieve a better life.

  • Business Philosophy - Business Philosophy

      To help all the franchisees, partners, and shareholders of bamaol to realize their dreams, to achieve financial freedom and to be wealthy!

      Our business also need to seize the opportunity and to rely on all bamaol people's wisdom and hard work, so that we can full access to excess profits of the "window of opportunity" .

  • Management Concept - Management Concept

      We follow the principles of democratic decision-making and authoritative management. Caring for psychosomatic health workers ' spiritual growth. Strengthen the ability of execution, pursuit of high efficiency and harmony, balance incentive restraint.

      Pay attention to the interests and expertise of psychosomatic health workers. Give them a good working conditions, simple and healthy interpersonal relationships, a serious and lively working atmosphere, a clear and transparent communication style and a sound psychosomatic health workers training program, career path design. Promote the development of personal professionalization of psychosomatic health workers, promote the continuous improvement of the satisfaction of psychosomatic health service, promote the harmonious development of related interests, and make the psychosomatic health workers keep up with the happiness synchronous growth of bamaol and share the value of growth.

      Good execution, we must rely on excellent mechanism, normative system, sincere cooperation, effective motivation, moving example. But the most important, rely on every bamaol people to love bamaol and have responsible for the work of the spirit to psychosomatic health services. So that we can effectively support the realization of bamaol business goals.

  • Perform concept - Do it now, no reason, no impossible!

      At present, bamaol has made and implemented development strategies, and set goals to be "big, strong, good and rich". In this situation, bamaol must rely on the executive power of all staff who work without any reason, act now, do their best, challenge with wisdom, excel in innovation.

  • Talent development philosophy - Take people as the foremost, know and use people well, make the best possible use of people.

      Bamaol is making efforts to create a family that psychosomatic health workers can work together in a positive and warm environment for the harmony of the human. No matter how big the bamaol is, the strong shared values will make the psychological workers to maintain a common bamaol spiritual culture and bamaol home.

      Bamaol have designed a series of vocational training programs for different psychosomatic health workers. These training will enable them to obtain the necessary knowledge of the work, to help them meet the requirements of professional practical ability as soon as possible. These training also can make the psychosomatic health workers know clearly the direction of their efforts and development. So that we can promote social harmony, promote bamaol and psychosomatic health workers to grow together.

  • Salary Concept - Every reward is the crystallization of your heart and wisdom.

      Pay attention to bamaol members ' rights and benefits, pay for the labor and don't pay for doing nothing. Inspire the dedication of bamaol psychological workers and realize their own value, and share the development of bamaol.

  • Cultural View - Cultural View

      Resources will be depleted, only culture will be endless. All problems are solved by human wisdom. The only natural resource that can be relied on by bamaol people is ourselves. So the only thing we can do is opening up our wisdom and use wisdom to solve the problems of survival, development and health care for all human beings.

      The culture of bamaol also contains all intangible factors that are promotion of bamaol's development. Spirit can be transformed into matter. Material civilization helps to consolidate spiritual civilization. We insist on spiritual civilization to promote material civilization.

  • Decision Way - Decision Way

      Meeting: Pre-session brewing, discussed at the meeting. Collective voting in the middle class, using a minority to obey the majority system.

      Equality: One person, one vote.

      Veto: The president has the right of veto.

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