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  • Join Service

    Welcome to join bamaol. Bamaol is China and the world's well-known brands of psychosomatic health consulting services. Bamaol is to let everyone in the world can enjoy the high quality of psychosomatic health counseling services and create social harmony. Bamaol is human life-long social enterprise, to serve the health of all mankind.

  • Network Platform

    Bamaol psychological network is China's largest professional psychological counseling service Platform. There are tens of thousands of psychological experts, psychological counselors, well-known psychological institutions to provide you with psychological counseling services and psychological counseling training services. So that everyone can enjoy high quality psychological therapy, psychological counseling, Psy, psychological counseling services.

  • Vocational Training

    Bamaol are engaged in consultant professional training, life quality training, psychological exposition and summit forum, etc. The vocational training certificate of bamaol is a certificate issued by the China Staff Education and Vocational Training Association and the China Strategic Talent Pool Management Center, the National Talent Flow center of human Resources and Social Security Department, the National Training Network of China, the National Professional Talents Reserve Working Committee and the National Business Personnel Professional Skills Evaluation Committee. The certificate itself has the national effect, is a talent market recognition of a few major certificates, the certificate of the national general, can be used as a training trainee credentials.

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