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  • Vocational Training Office

      Bamaol Vocational training office is Bamaol headquarters directly affiliated institutions and is in charge of Bamaol training Students' National Certificate declaration. The main contents of the work are divided into two parts: First, to participate in the textual research of student statistical information, check information, report information, certificate issued. Second, the teaching material management work.

  • Social Welfare Office

      Shenzhen Bamaol psychological counseling Co., Ltd. (referred to as Bamaol) is a social enterprise and love enterprise. Bamaol social welfare office was established in 2008 when Sichuan earthquake occurred. It was specifically for 3 designated schools which had more than 5,000 teachers and students in the disaster area to provide 10 years of psychological aid, material and financial aid. By 2011, with the development of Bamaol and the needs of society, the main work of Bamaol social welfare office had been from the disaster area psychological assistance to the national happiness project. Bamaol social welfare office guide Bamaol join center at all levels in its jurisdiction in the region to carry out happiness lecture and provide social services for the community. Disseminating spiritual culture and happiness and health concepts to the general public and community residents and converging the resources and power of the whole society to realize the goal of harmonious service for all mankind.

  • Senate

      Bamaol senate is a decision-making and advisory department of Bamaol headquarters. Its fundamental function is to promote bamaol agencies at the lowest cost to complete the greatest practical benefits. In terms of internal development, the identity of the Senate is a supportive person. For external partners, it is the direct channel of the company's image and sound. The scope of its functions is to provide strategic guidance to the franchisee, strategic communication with the clients, maintain close relationship with the project investors and their upstream and downstream strategic partners, provide decision information support to the decision layer.

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