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The 18th phase opening ceremony of "life awakening "was held on the Spring begins

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  February 4, 2018, is the first solar term of the New Year -- Spring begins, which is the opening day for Bamaol training on the 18th phase of life awakening. Students from all over the country have overcome the difficulties and have gathered in Bamaol headquarters training base for a meaningful life awakening training.


  The funder of Bamaol, president Xia Jianguo made a speech.


  Vice President Chen Jingying delivered a speech.


  Mentor Chen proceed class construction.


  Class committee was founded.


  Mentor Xia Jianguo gave a lecture for all students.


  Students listed attentively and took notes.

  Everything begins to recovery in spring, and each soul of stuend was eager to awakening. The awakening of life course is to make students' awaken from life with the energy of love, the essence of life value and significance of life. It is believed that through seven days of study, students can learn to achieve and start a different year in 2018.

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  February 4th, 2018.

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