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The year-end working conference greet a new future.

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  February 3, 2018 is the last report time for the life awakening training. Bamaol online headquarters also held last high-level meeting, which is to further optimize the structure of the company and make strategic arrangements for the work in the future.


  In order to betterly prepare the Listing work, Bamaol president and board chairman Mr.Xia further simplify the company structure, advocating better troops and simpler administration. Apart from this, the personnel configuration of each department has been further optimized and adjusted. All department directors should be vying for the post, turn the mindset from "want me to do" into "I want to do" ,"I love to do," let everyone can find their own position, give full play of advantages and make the individual value maximization come ture.


  At the meeting, Mr.Xia had great expectations for the new directors, and asked each department director to further clarify their work responsibilities and formulate the work plan of the department in the future. In addition, Mr.Xia answered some of the details of other work.


  2018 will be the key year for Bamaol Listing . All departments must actively respond to president Xia's leadership.

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  February 3rd, 2018.

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