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   The 17th phase of the

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  The 17th phase of" life awakening "training opened on January 25, 2018, this is the second phase of the program in 2018. People use the precious 7 days to learn, communicate, review, and summarize the past days, which left a good memory. Learning, precipitation, growth and improvement from the excellent traditional culture, learners absorbed the necessary nutrients with a happy mood to welcome the new beginning of happiness.

  At the opening ceremony, founder and chairman of the board of Bamaol Xia Jianguo, and the university vice president and deputy secretary of the party committee Lv Mingzhen lady launched the sppeeched about Chinese excellent traditional culture.

  Mr.Xia often said in his speech:" the seven days will be difficult to forget in your life, it will completely change your life, change the idea of health, and will change your destiny. From now on, we will enjoy the value, contribution, love, happiness of being human." Teacher Xia sincerely hoped that each student can learn to sense their own will and practice the ideal into the reality.

  Bamaol vice President Chen Jingying led the class students construction as a teacher in charge of this training, who made every student can betterly participate in and builds a vibrant learning atmosphere to promote students' learning state.

  This training session was composed of all ages, and an 11-year-old boy surprised learners with his optimistic, which may inject extraordinary vitality into the classroom, and the boy must be an good example for students to learn from. In different age stages, peole will encounter different problems, teacher Xia shared his own experience to let everybody understand wisdom. Mr. Xia also offered solutions to solve the problem which students asked.

  In these seven days, students will learn the excellent traditional culture and psychology knowledge, skills, they will expose to the culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism to regain the traditional civilization, which teach people do things with wisdom and practice it in family education, interpersonal relationship, marriage emotion and other aspects of life.

  Wish the students a pleasant and fruitful study.

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                                               January 26th, 2018.

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