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  The founder of Bamaol Xia Jianguo went to baotou Inner Mongolia with his team giving public lectures to spread positive energy.

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On January 22, 2018, the founder and president of Bamaol Mr  Xia Jian-guo arrived Baotou  at the invitation of Bamaol Baotou center director Ma Yuru with the secretary and vice president Lv Mingzhen,and vice president and board director Chen Jingying. They just finished "way of the life health and children growth" training  in headquarters on 21st. Leaders of Bamaol went to Baotou center to offer guidance For team construction wor at 8 o 'clock in the morning.


      Leaders of Bamaol headquarters took pictures with Baotou center workers


      Leaders of Bamaol headquarters communicated with Baotou center workers


  Entrepreneurs, parents, and children growth Leader was held in Baotou hotel at 9:30am.

  First of all, the leader of social public lecturer groupp Lv Mingzhen introduced the hardship of Bamaol, which has created one and another miracle since its foundation in 2008. she also introduced Company tenet of Bamaol: "care for life, live in harmony, live in happiness, return to nature".


  She introduced the founders' concept of entrepreneurship and the company vision. Bmaol is a social enterprise that serves the human beings in harmony through love and create a harmonious world.


  Mentor Xia jianguo explained the essence of "entrepreneurs, parents and children growth"for more than 100 people who participated in the training with simple and understandable cases.Such as why people get sick, how people can't sick,how to be healthy and happy, how to fix yourself, Wha education is. Which got applause from the entrepreneurs and parents at the meeting.


  The dean of the Bamaol family education Lv Mingzhen gave lecturer for entrepreneurs with the theme"be wisdom parents and create a happy family" in the afternoon. She used persuasive cases combining with her own theoretical knowledge and practical experience, telling everybody about how to be a qualified parent, communicate with children with love and wisdom, inspire and wake up the child's potential and motivation of autonomous learning. Participating parents didn't want to leave when the lecture finished and consulted about happy family.



    A calligrapher and lawyer, surnamed ren, offered a calligraphy masterpiece to express gratitude. He said: "teacher lv's lecture is very practical, and everybody can benefit from it."

  Bamaol vice president Chen Jingying carried on the lecture to entrepreneurs and parents, let them understand children and make friends with children. She used her own cases to let them feel how to perceive children's demand expression. She took her lover's body rehabilitation cure process as an example to tell people what is inner strength: believe can create miracle.




  Through three days of communication, more people in baotou know Bamaol and understand the importance of physical and mental health.


  Director of the center Ma Yuru led his team members to see Bamaol leaders off at the airport.

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                                               January 25th, 2018.

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