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The 16th phase of Bamaol“Life awakening and nonaction”training got a happy ending.

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On January 8th,2018,the 16th phase of Bamaol“Life awakening and nonaction”training got a happy ending.It was the first phase of “Life awakening and nonaction”training in 2018.Students gave up their rest of the New Year’s festival and came to headquarter with a strong will of learning.After seven days of the baptism and edification of excellent traditional culture,the teachers systematically explained for the students to open the door of wisdom. IMG_9519.JPG

Teacher Xia Jianguo still used his standard mandarin to tell us about his own experience,the great wisdoms of him which made us amazed.The 5,000-year crystallization of civilization was explained to the trainees with a unique way.Teacher Xia said that the best thing for us was the left of our ancestors, we needed to make good use of the excellent traditional culture, travel far away,master easily,obey the custom and yield twice the result with half the effort.


Teacher Lv Mingzhen shared her love relationship with Bamaol for ten years, believing that we dedicated and fought for the cause of love, and realized the value of our own life in Bamaol.


Teacher Chen Jingying explained "faith" in the training ,showing us why should we need to have faith and how to establish the faith.


Teacher Niu Xueyan gave a lecture about "the culture of enterprise",which let students realize Bamaol and the great cause of psychosomatic health deeply.


Bamaol Health lecture group Teacher Duan Xiaoying,President lecturer Wang Yue took part in island training and gave a speech about” Life Reconstruction - Field Dynamic Life System Integration”.By playing the role of the family members,they hided motivation of the field which could be seen through the participants' different positions, bodies, words and feelings. Assisting the participants to tap the potential love energy and change it into intelligent love in this field.


Teacher Wang Chunming, the president of Bamaol health tutoring group, he talked about the Taoist classics and used the wisdom of Tao to analyze the eight words "Life Awakening and nonaction”. 



In 2018, foresighted people are on the way to change.The students also shared a lot of experience in training,they reflected on themselves.People are in the pursuit of changing outside whether for the family, their children or their own business, but Teacher Xia said, only change yourself can change the present situation. The awakening of life lies in the awakening of themselves, so as to find out your inner problems by thinking about them and make life level ascend.

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January 8,2018

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