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The notice for Bamaol shareholders to participate in “Life awakening and nonaction”training

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  Hello,Dear Bamaol shareholders.

  Only the members of bamaol can have qualifications to possess the original stock of bamaol.The stock will not be sold to outsiders.Bamaol listed work in Australia has entered the key stage.In order to understand bamaol’s great cause,lofty vision and sacred mission better,improve the life quality of the whole bamaol shareholders and make the growth of personality and children succeed as well as create harmonious family,it was decided by bamaol board:All the bamaol shareholders have to participate in “Life awakening and nonaction”training in headquarters.

  “Life awakening and nonaction”training is based by Chinese traditional culture, transmit it widely to obey the purpose of letting your life awaken and to possess the positive energy of love,to understand the value and meaning in life.To be a good bamaol member who is benefit to himself,family,society,nationality,and country with a good mind,good deed in practical life, work and career.

  Please all shareholders to arrange a good schedule according to the training course and take an active part in the study.

  Bamaol Board

  Dec. 1,2017

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