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2018 Bamaol Franchise Center Presidents and Lecturers Working Conference Notice

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  In order to step up the pace of Bamaol’s reform process, provide franchise center and lecturers with complete the mode of business ,talents training,and management and guidance,assist to manage and conduct business working of psychosomatic health industry,as well as promote the life quality of franchise presidents and lecturers and a new business mode,it was decided according to the research of board that:2018 Bamaol Franchise Presidents and Lecturers Working Conference will be held in Bamaol headquarter from December 25 to 30,2017(register on 25th).The conference will be an epoch-making meeting of Bamaol at the turning point of history.

  Ⅰ.Precautions:this training will only allow the franchise center presidents

  and health lecturers group to participate in.Those who do not participate in the

  meeting will be carried out according to the procedures for the management of

  the franchise.

  Ⅱ.Expenses: own expense for round-trip transportation;accommodation: 1,581


  Ⅲ.Address:Bamaol training building, No. 41, Anhui avenue, Aotou town, Daya

  bay, Huizhou city, Guangdong province.

  Ⅳ.Contact: Zeng Xiaona Tel:13128898027



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