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Notice for Bamaol Franchise Director and Lecturer Training

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  Franchise director and lecturer of Bamaol: In order to help entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, students, and civil servants across the country to maintain psychosomatic health, family harmony, children grow up and healthy development, Bamaol provided powerful guarantee for these people and held "care for life and keep health" summit forum. According to the research decision of the board meeting of Bamaol, Bamaol selected some outstanding directors and lecturers for special training.

  The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  Training time: February 21-29, 2016

  Participants: telephone notice from headquarters;

  Training contents: life quality, spiritual realm, speech level, management and team building;

  Expenses: own expense for round-trip transportation, accommodation, accommodation will be unified arranged;

  Training place: 4 floor at Bamaol headquarters building (jinhua mansion), no. 41, Anhui road, Dayawan economic development zone, huiyang district, huizhou city, guangdong province

  Precautions: this training will only allow the lecturers and directors of the health lecturer group to participate in.

  Contact: Yang Ping

  Tel: 0752-5716503 18319053135

  Contact person: Li Yongyuan

  Tel: 0752-5716577 18098953007

                                                Bamaol headquarters 

                                                  January 17, 2016

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