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Arrangement for "care for life and keep health" summit forum in March 2016

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 Bamaol has held 43 "care for life and keep health" summit forums all over the country from 2014-2015, covered 76000 kilometers,  spread the latest health concept to the great within the motherland. Everywhere Bamaol went to, the local responsed greatly. Bamaol brought countless entrepreneurs and the healthy and positive energy of  good health and a happy family, children growth and career success. 

Therefore, Bamaol set up ten superfine courses for entrepreneurs and parents from all over the world:  password cracking of psychological and physical health, path to peace, wisdom of life, the life energy, family happiness, way of health, reconstruction of life, the spiritual wealth, children growth, entrepreneurs survival.



 These courses aim to make entrepreneurs and parents know psychological and physical health crisis and teach how to maintain  healthy mind and body, for health protection, personal, family, family, career and happiness of life. To make millions of families and businesses an important basis for national development, national progress and social harmony.

  At the beginning of the New Year, 2016 Bamaol "care for life and keep health, entrepreneurs' health development, parents health and children growth national commit forum was held on January 2-4, 2016 at Bamaol headquarters training building in Huizhou. Apart from entrepreneurs' health and enterprise development, parents' health and children growth forum,Bamaol will also add teachers and students' health and vocational training for civil servants.




 Welcome people of all parts of society to love life, to focus on health, to seek cooperation and to join hands to create a better tomorrow!

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  Yang ping, vice President: 18098953031/18319053135

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               Fang Yunyun 18098953059

                                             Bamaol headquarters 

                                              January 27, 2016

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