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Bamaol Initial Offering Halts Sales Announcement

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All members of Bamaol:

  After ten years of hard work and development, Bamaol has achieved remarkable results. This is the result of all members working together, working together and contributing together.

  It should be Shared by all the members of Bamaol.

  Now Bamaol distribution of initial offering is over,

  The original shares are not sold.

  In April, Bamaol headquarters will handle the original share certificates for the families who bought the original shares.And express mail to me.Hereby notice!


  Initial offering bought by members of Bamaol within the quota is forbidden to transfer to anyone (including other members), upon verification, not only the transfer of the original is invalid, but the purchase of all quota is invalid;

  The original shares of Bamaol are not in direct circulation before Bamaol is listed.

  The original shares held by Bamaol members can apply to the headquarters to withdrawal at any time before they go public, and refund them according to the original purchase price.

  The original shares held by the Bamaol members are social natural persons shares;

  The interpretation right of Bamaol initial offering belongs to Bamaol headquarters.

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