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2018 Bamaol Franchisee director from provinces, cities and counties working meeting

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  In order to fasten the speed of Bamaol reform process, to improve the development of the provinces, cities and counties Franchisee center betterly, to promote the construction of its economic and social benefits, to improve the life quality of joining director, to promote a new business model. Board of Bamaol reaserched and decided that we will hold the work meeting of the joining directors at headquarter on November 3, 2017.It is the epoch making meeting and turning point in Bamaol development history.

  1. Requirements: the director must attend the meeting unconditionally.

  Special cases must be submitted to the headquarter for approval by the secretary or deputy director of the center.

  2. Expense: accommodation costs 1181 yuan/person.

  3.Address: Bamaol training building, no. 41, anhui avenue, aotou, daya bay, huizhou city, guangdong province

  4.The director of the meeting will be transported by the headquarters.

  Please inform the staff the headquarter who is in charge of your area.

  5. Contact person

  Head of the north and south leagues:

  Yang ping, 18319053135

  Southern league contact:

  Li Yongyuan 18098953007 0752-5716577

  Jiang zhihua 13480949054 0752 -- 5716593

  Northern league contact:

  Zhang Hong 18620381555 0752-0752

  Zhong weihao 13352688981 0752 -- 5716506

  Headquarter of Bamaol

  Oct. 11th 2017

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