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Ten years of brilliant gratitude has you——Bamaol 10th anniversary celebration party

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All the members in bamaol: 

  bamaol international psychological and physical health industrial service company (bamaol) was established in March 2017, registered capital: 110.3038 million yuan, stock code: 663428, headquartered in shenzhen, China.

  In the past ten years, bamaol has become a well-known brand in the world health industry.

  It has unique business model and excellent enterprise culture, bamaol operate in a professional chain mode with systematic integration of psychosomatic health industry and vision to the world resources, the formation of unparalleled resource sharing platform; bamaol has built a strong online heart health website for parents around the world, and e stablished the heart university, network university and 23 mental health vocational training college; its Mental health counseling centers have been established in 31 countries, 32 provinces, 255 cities and 1,663 counties in China. More than 2000 well-known psychosomatic health experts, more than 100000 psychosomatic health workers throughout China and around the world all join in the big family, and enjoyed the service of humanity spiritual harmony, made the nature harmony, harmonious humanity and one world come true.

  On the occasion of the bamaol 10 anniversary of the founding, bamaol held the 8th psychological expo to celebrate bamaol's 10th birthday, thank you for being , the celebration is at 19:00 on July 26, 2017 - at 21:00, at jinan century park. The theme of bamaol 10th anniversary party is being thankful for having you on the road of pursuing glory, we invite all themembers in bamaol celebrate together.

  Activity theme: being thankful for having you on the road of pursuing glory

  Time: 19:00-21:00, July 26, 2017

  Place: JiNan century park


  1.commander in chief: Xia Jianguo

  2.Executive director:Lv Mingzhen

  Vice executive director:Yang Ping

  3.Chief director:Hao Xiandong

  4.Vice director:Han Xiao, Hai Wei

  5.Artistic consultant: Hao Xiandong, Han Xiao, Hai Wei, Li Yucheng, Duan Xiaoying

  6.Judging panel: Ma Yiyou, Hao Xiandong, Han Xiao, Hai Wei, Li Yucheng, Duan Xiaoying, Li Anping, Gui Jie, Zhang Hongtao

  7.Greffier: Zhao Xiaoda, Jin Wuguan, Chen Yuzhi

  8.Stage supervision: Niu Xueyan, Chen Jingying, Ding Shuxin

  Form and requirements of confluence

  (1) Program form: This celebration is a comprehensive literature and art joint performance, the party in the form of the party organization, specific programs can take vocal music, instrumental music, dance classes, a variety of forms such as comprehensive, etc.;

  (2) Time requirement of the programme: dance and recital programs should not exceed 5 minutes, and language programs should not exceed 10 minutes.

  1.Vocal music: chorus, singing, singing, accompaniment of the accompaniment of the accompaniment, the accompaniment of the accompaniment of the accompaniment (chorus dress, uniform and orderly), the expression of the song is accurate and infectious.

  Ask for new, innovative, creative, 5 minutes.

  2.Instrumental music types: requirements play a piece of music, no more than 6 minutes, the western music, folk music, vocal music to reflect my parents informant in positive spirit, lofty ideal pursuit, elegant aesthetic taste, rich in the spiritual life.

  3.Dance class: the type and number are unlimited, and the requirements are consistent with the company's image and personality.

  The program will be encouraged to have the characteristics of The Times, prominent themes, unique ideas, rigorous structure, smooth choreography and a unified style, and promote the online features of parents with rich parents.

  4.Comprehensive category: music poetry reading, psychological drama, sketch, cross talk and other forms of performance. Require no more than 6 minutes. original programs are encouraged, reflect social life, and require innovative and distinctive features.Program organization declaration process:

  There are no more than two programs for the program to report to the headquarters, the center, the college and the lecturers ' group. All the units at all levels are invited to submit the program to the designated mailbox of the gala party before June 30, 2017.

  Programma contact people:

  South area: Li Yongyuan Tel:18098953007 0752-5716577 Email:

  North ara: Zhang hong Tel: 18665915732 0752-5716573 Email:

  Dean and Lecturer group: Zeng Xiaona Tel:13128898027 0752-5716553


  1. Costumes, props, music and other preparations.

  2. Overall coordination, performance, program hosting, dance, and acoustics are responsible for the program.

  At all levels, colleges and teachers have been informed, actively participated in, organized actively, actively rehearsed, reported on time, and truly rehearsed the performance of the program into high-quality products and dedicated to the whole society.

  Requirements: Programme should be in two copies, each unit please hand in the programme to celebration party before June 30 with show name, performance form, the performers and the required time.The whole programme is 2 hours. Unaccomplished matter will be further noticed.


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