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Bamaol 8th " China Dream, Harmonious World Applied Psychology exposition" and Bamaol 10th anniversary will be grandly held

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  Bamaol. The path of glory is indomitable.Strive decade years to grind a sword, to make contribution to history.

  " Chinese Dream, Harmonious World Applied Psychology exposition Will be held on July 25, 2017 in JiNan ShanDong China, 881 people from all over the world will attend the exposition andthe 10th anniversary celebration to create innovation and win-win situation with profound meaning.

  Bamaol international psychological and physical health industrial serve company began its IPO in 2017 after striving for 10 years. Bamaol has spread the applied psychology to the international stage, which will receive respect from all over the world.

  In the national health and family planning commission, the central propaganda department, national development and reform commission, the ministry of education, ministry of science and technology, ministry of public security, the ministry of civil affairs, ministry of finance, human resources and social security ministry and other 22 departments jointly issued " the guidance on strengthening mental health services" and general office of the central committee of the communist party of China and the general office of the state council issued the opinion of "inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture development", under the background of national policy,the theme of the expo: vigorously carry forward the Chinese excellent traditional culture and focus on the national happiness life.

  Expo will open 41 boutique workshops, well-known psychological experts at home and abroad will be invited to lecture, this will be the highest-level meeting,the number of attendance, the areas related and new business opportunities in new industries will refresh the record!Bama online international psychological and physical health industry service company (abbreviated: Bamaol share code: 663428).

  Bamaol was founded in March 2007 and is located in shenzhen, China.under the lead of chairman ofBamaol, the President of Soul University Jian-guo xia (HuYu), with his national mainstream values and excellent traditional culture of synchronization, with his view of psychology, Bamaol went into the country's industrial and mining enterprises, government agencies, schools, prisons, army barracks, border posts, entered the disaster scene, provide aids and was engaged in philanthropy for 10 years to help the education of left-behind children, workplace psychology training, work wholeheartedly.The republic will remember Bamaol whcih is dedicated to make contribution to society, country and the world.

  all human beings make the balance -Bamaol is the largest psychological consultant professional platform, it has more than 2000 famous psychological specialist and consultants, and over 100000 psychological amateurs, they provide the best quality, better educated and specialized psychological service to the people in China and from all over the world.

  Bamaol always take the aim of "caring for life, living a harmonious life, having happy life and returning to nature";take "strive for the harmony of all mankind" as its mission;Making efforts to create a vision of "creating a harmonious world through our love";Pay high attention to social development, to the general public happiness, to the high quality of psychological and physical health services, to the psychological training and excellent healthy product. Bamaol is valued and guided by the country with its service of improving life quality and love for nature, for human and for own country.Bamaol has been the practitioner and witness of psychology development.

  Looking back, in August 2010, Bamaol held Bamaol a thousand psychologist meeting in nanjing, China. so far the meeting has been in nanjing, xian, Beijing, zhengzhou, changsha, kunming, huangshan, totally 7 successful applied psychology exposition.

  Bamaol board of directors and supervisor board decided to consider research: 2017 - Bamaol 8th "China dream applied psychology, harmonious world expo" will be hold in JiNan ShanDong July 25th, 2017-30th, when Bamaol will also celebrateThe anniversary commendation conference.

  CCTV, Beijing TV, web TV, central economic channel, "glory road" column, and many other media have been filming during entire process.

  The conference time: July 25, 2017-30th, 2017.

  Place: JiNan ShanDong

  Number of participants: 881

  Related fees:

  1.Bamaol life member to enjoy RMB 3981 / person (including food and accommodation)

  2.Bamaol crown members enjoy RMB 3711 / person (including food and accommodation)

  3.Bamaol diamond members enjoy RMB 3131 / person (including food and accommodation) (pay 500 yuan to become the life member)

  Summer camp fee: children of Bamaol participant: 5781 yuan/person

  Payment account: account name: shenzhen Bamaol co., LTD. Account number: 4000027409200249335 bank: shenzhen xili branch, industrial and commercial bank of China

  Advantages and achievement:

  1. Be comfortable and grow up in the heart. Through professional and high-quality courses, you will get the promotion of professionalism and inner state.

  2. A photo the entire participating representatives to be treasured;

  3. Classic picture book of Bamaol ten years review";

  4."China dream · harmonious world applied psychology exposition " watch

  5.Get a Bamaol wallet

  6. The parents are working with the travel company online. After the meeting, we will launch a special day trip.

  The organizing committee of the 8th world expo

  (1) general director: Xia Jianguo

  (2) deputy commander: lu mingzhen, Yang ping, zhao xiaoda, MaYiyou, NiuXueyan, li Anping, Zhang Hongtao

  (3) general manager: Yang ping

  (4) deputy chief executive officer: Zhang Hongtao

  (5) expert committee: Hu Peicheng, Ma Yiyou, JinWuguan, Xu Jisheng,Gu Mingrui, Duan Xiaoying.

  (6) advisory committee: Qin Guangzhong, Han Xiao

  (7) supervision committee: Chen Yuzhi, Li Yucheng, Sun Guihuan, Duan Yufen, Zheng Lili, Bai Ruixia.

  (8) summer camp

  General strategy: Xia Jianguo

  Deputy general planning: Lu Mingzhen

  Executive director: Yang ping

  (9) literary evening

  General strategy: Xia Jianguo

  Executive director: Lu Mingzhen

  Deputy general planning: Yang ping

  Director: Hao Xiandong

  Deputy director general: HanXiao, HaiWei

  (10) Bamaol organizing committee of various centers

  1. Recruiting center: Yang ping, Zhang hongtao 2, expert service center: Zeng Xiaona

  3. Center: Cao Tongqin, Jiang Zhihua 4, Financial center: YuJing xia

  5. News center: Cao Liangde 6, summer camp: Li YongYuan

  7, external connection center: Li Anping 8, information center: Shen Change

  9. Safety center: Chen Yuzhi 10, post attendance center: Zhao Xiaoda

  Conference process


  workshop arrangement:

  1. Detailed introduction of the teaching experts will be published on May 3 at Bamaol psychological network.

  2. The workshop is scheduled to be published on June 11 in the online psychological network of Bamaol.

  3. Select classes at 8 a.m. on July 16.On July 18th, at 20 PM, the course was closed and the course was closed.

  application method:

  1.people who has Registered in Bamaol connect with the director of the center of the management.

  people who has no registered area connect with staff in Bamaol headquarter.

  Franchises service in North

  ZhangHong Tel:0752-5716573 18665915732

  Zhong Weihao Tel:0752-5716593 13480949054

  Franchises service in South

  LiYongyuan Tel:0752-5716577 18098953007

  Jiang Zhihua Tel:0752-5716593 13480949054

  Franchises service health lecturer group, college, research institution:

  Zeng Xiaona Tel:0752-5716553 13128898027

  2. Please send personal information and remittances to the relevant responsible person's mailbox of the service center in the form of email, so that relevant meeting materials can be registered and prepared in time.

  3. In order to ensure the quality of this expo, the number of people will be strictly limited to 881.Deadline: 20 p.m., July 15, 2017.


  warm tips:

  1. The Franchise centres, colleges and lecturer groups will join the list of members of the expo.

  2. The amount of the remittance shall be in conformity with the actual number of participants. If there is any discrepancy, the corresponding responsibility shall be responsible by the director or the President of the college.

  3.The online registration system will be automatically closed after the number isenough, and the online members of Bamaol will sign up for the payment according the order in the headquarters.

  4. If the payment fee is not able to attend, please inform the organizer of the committee of the expo committee before the opening of the heart expo on July 13, 2017.The fees paid will be automatically converted to the participation fee of the 9th annual heart expo of parents.The fee is not refunded if the committee does not report to the organizing committee of the expo.

  5.Participants are required to select courses online, and the registration system shows that they can be eligible to participate in the registration process.

  Bamaol 8th owns the psychology expo legal explanation rights

  The organizing committee of the Bamaol 8th world expo

  March 6, 2017

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