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Bamaol psychological evaluation system bring blessing for human being

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  In order to promote the psychological assessment of career development, promote the business research development and application of psychological assessment,ShenZhen QianHai Bamaol get the favour of the general psychological consultant, and all of the psychological assessment measurement system since its establishment.More and more psychological workmates try to use the advanced system to benefit more people and families, and the teachers of the parents' online health teachers' group especially prefer the system.






  Dear friends, if you want to own professional assessment system, you can contact Bamaol.

  Li Anping: Tel:13661124600

  Qin Anli: Tel:18098953043

  This set of evaluation system has a total of more than 100 scale which can be used countless times to many visitors, also wiil help consultant increase economic income, such as: the current guild regulations for visitors to make a psychological evaluation each time for 50 yuan, if a test each day, 50 x360 = 18000 yuan.

  Bamaol provide feedback toall members, the member only need 800 yuan every year have the instruction evaluation system, nonmember 1800 yuan a year (pay 500 yuan to join bamaol, then pay 1300 yuan for this system)

  From November 1st, member in bamaolneed pay 1500 yuan, and nonmember for 5000 yuan every year, or enjoy the treatment after being member of bamaol.(pay 500 yuan ).

  Bamaol psychological evaluation system bring blessing for psychological workmate and all human being

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