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Training notice of life awakening, Change unconsciousLy

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  Aug. 19th and 20th, 2016,on the national general secretary of health and health conference, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech "give priority to people's health development strategic position, general secretary of the acquisition is proposed for the first time 50 words of mental health policy:"attach higher attention to basic research to increase the mental health problem, to do a good job of popular science knowledge of mental health and mental disease, standardize and develop the psychological therapy and psychological counseling and mental health services."

  In February 2017, the national health and family planning commission, the central propaganda department, national development and reform commission, the ministry of education, ministry of science and technology, ministry of public security, the ministry of civil affairs, ministry of finance, human resources and social security, state administration for industry and commerce and other 22 departments jointly issued by the "on strengthening the guidance of mental health services" and the general office of the central committee of the communist party of China, issued by the general office of the state council on the implementation of Chinese excellent traditional culture inheriting the opinions of the development project ".The development of mental health service industry has injected powerful impetus!The best spring for mental health services is the well-being of the whole nation.

  For this purpose, bamaol Soul University responses actively to the national call to hold the series course life awakening, Change unconsciousLy,and vigorously promote the outstanding traditional Chinese culture for the benefit of the general public.

  The life awakening course covers time, business, enterprise, human nature, marriage, family, children, physiology, psychology, medicine, health, etc.There are answers and solutions to all the problems, confusion, mental illness and physical problems that you encounter in your life.Deciphering fame, profit, money, sex, emotion.Expand the student life pattern, enhance the life energy, relieve the heart disease, raise the happiness index, achieve the life value and the meaning.

  A person's greatest pain is not hardship, hunger and disease, but the heart is enslaved, unable to release and live a wise and virtuous phase.

  It is easy to gain fame, wealth and treasure, the premise is that if you have the energy and magnetic field of your life,if you have enough morality.

  Wisdom is the greatest blessing of man and woman.The course of life awakening is to break ovsessiveness and delusion, to accumulate the positive energy of your life, to unlock the wisdom of your feet, to transcend worldly, to change the fate of the soul, and to let the spirit live in infinite bloom!

  The life awakening course mainly teaches Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. shitsuke, soul lojong,and monasticism. of which the core is your psychosomatic corning, enlightened wisdom, harmony, and life, family happiness, children thrive, healthy development of the enterprise and great work achievements!

  Cultivate humanity through experience, enhence the heart through interpersonal contact.Only when life awaken,people will feel more to be true self , to understand life,to comprehend wisdom, to remain health, to be the master of life, can we truly achieve inner joy and make the life value and meaning.

  Bamaol Soul University has overall planning, clear goals and comprehensive training of "spiritual advisors" "psychological consultant" .Students participating in the life awakening course can also sign up for the national test and get the qualification for mental health counseling.

  Bamaol Soul University will improve "psychological consultant" "spiritual teachers" professional ability, professional quality, quality of life and offer solution for self doubt, and then reach the laissez-faire, help others and self, benefit for individuals, families, society, country and world, to It will promote our country and the world with psychosomatic health advice,it will be the source of enterprise sustainable development, and contributes to the harmonious development of human society.

  president Xia is lecturing

  group photo from 1st training

  group photo from 4th training

Training content: Chinese excellent traditional culture, explorer the sources and Change unconsciousLy

Cost of training and accommodation: accommodation, information, sailing boat costs: 3,881 yuan/person (starting from 10th training )

Time and number of training: see the schedule;Number limit: 81 persons/period

Training location:

1. Four days of training at Bamaol university, address:Bamaol training building, no. 41, anhui avenue, aotou town, daya bay, huizhou city, guangdong province.

2. Training for three days on the island of south bay, accommodate, practice and recuperate on the island.


1.After training,Bamaol will issue the certificate of Soul University.

2.Students who have scored 90 points will be able to voluntarily declare Bamaol spiritual mentor and psychological consultant certificate of honour, and issue certificates and crystal cards.

3.Spiritual mentor and psychological consultant who graduated from Bamaol will be recommended preferentially.

4.Bamaol will give every participant in the training a wristwatch with a beautifully tailored "success moment" engraved with " pass love".

Pass love on is a thing that full of morality, fortune and positive energy.

1.Soul University training only allows members of Bamaol to participate, others must pay 500 yuan to join bamaol first.

2.Please arrange the time and attend the training on time.

3.Ralated material should be submitted when registered.(1 three phptos in two inches on blue background. 2 ID card, diploma, certificate of psychological consultant and other related certificates.)

4.The training with high quality take an appointment only, decline provisionally.

Road map to headquarters: huizhou airport bus line 1: the outbound from huizhou airport to huizhou airport road station bus d1 to DongPing station, change to the 201 road to the port of Xin Tiandi station, then change to the K1 and K2 road,LanWan shopping square station to headquarter JinHua building.

Bus route of huizhou south station: from huizhou south railway station, take the route of 209 of DaYawan, get off at shopping square station in aotou LanWan, and arrive at headquarter (best route).

Huizhou railway station: take K1 or K2 road from huizhou railway station, get off at shopping square station in aotou LanWan, and arrive at headquarter.

Huizhou west station bus route: take 4 rd from huizhou west station, get off at longfeng intersection, change to K2 road, get off at shopping square station in aotou LanWan, and arrive at headquarter.

Shenzhen airport: take the subway to shenzhen north high-speed railway station, take the high-speed railway to huizhou south railway station.Or take the subway to LuoHu station, take the bus to Dayawan bus station, get off at the zhonghai hotel, and walk about 500 meters to headquarter.

Available station :

shenzhen airport, shenzhen north station, huizhou airport, huizhou railway station, huizhou south station.

Contact the headquarters service staff if you have any question:

ZhangHong:18665915732 0752—5716573  LiYongyuan:18098953007 0752—5716577 ZengXiaona:13128898027 0752—5716553




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September 2, 2017

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